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I wanted to extend my appreciation of Zakk and his training skills here at DynaCore.  His skill at judging where individual people are at in their training and exertion levels is phenomenal.  I very much like the workouts he puts together.  They are challenging, different and mixed with fun "games" while adhering to the style I so love from DynaCore.  He's got an easy and humble nature, yet is able to push the efforts of his clients to get just that little bit more out of them while still remaining sympathetic and humorous to the efforts of those 

he's coaching.  Kudos to Zakk and to DynaCore for adding him to the team of great coaches!

-Julie Larson

Love this gym and their awesome staff and group workouts!

-Teresa Hancock

This place is great. It's clean, well equipped and the staff are great!

-Ryan Tuleja Jr.

Great place to start working out and if u are looking for a new gym this is the place to go to for sure

-Bryan Meeker

I love this place! Not being able to go for a few weeks, I was dreading jumping back in but they are so motivating. Best trainers ever!


When I joined Dynacore, I weighed nearly 240 pounds. My health was deteriorating, and as embarrassing as this sounds, I could not run a mile without needing to stop a couple of times to catch my breath. My back hurt, my joints ached, and all of my clothes were too small. I knew I had to do something to get healthy and regain some vitality in my life. So, I made it my mission to get fit, once and for all.

I had tried gyms before and, like most people, had little or no success. It is too easy to join and then slowly stop going, let alone having really no idea what to do when you are there. I knew I needed better guidance and support if I was going to do this right. I began looking around for programs, and everything kept pointing back to Dynacore. I needed a place where I was supported and motivated, a place where my goals were as important to the trainers as they were to me. Too many times gyms become places filled with competition and social environments that are intimidating and exclusive.

At Dynacore, Denys and Theresa have created an environment unlike all the rest. They get to know me; they want to understand my goals. They help me build a plan to achieve my goals, and they are there to motivate me and to celebrate my successes with me. I look forward to seeing them every day and discovering what type of workout they have created. Each day is unique and challenging and is focused on helping me reach my goals. Recently, I weighed in at just under 205 pounds - something that four or five months ago I would not have believed would be possible. I did this by building strength, agility, and endurance. Now that we have reached my initial goal weight together - and now that I can run five miles without stopping - we have set new goals for the first part of the year, and I know I will accomplish them with the help of Dynacore.

I have a new problem now, however, all of my clothes are too big!

-Jon Bullock




I Joined DynaCore Fitness the first day they opened in January 2012.  From that day on I knew this was my kind of workout.

Every member is asked to put a picture on their Accomplishment Board in the gym.  My goal was to water ski again after 30 years.  This past August I accomplished that goal.  This was one more thing off my "Bucket List" and before my 65th birthday this December.  I have also run a 5K this past June and have been able to increase my driving yardage on the golf course by about 20 yards. (On a good day)  Not to mention, that my weight has stabilized after losing 25 lbs. and my inches have decreased.  My pants size has gone from a size 8-10 to a size 2.  I actually have definition in my muscles again.

So I would like to conclude by saying that whether you are young, old or in between, DynaCore Fitness is a great place to get fit and feel good about yourself.

-Brenda K.




My decision to attend DynaCore Fitness came because of what I knew I could achieve due to my confidence in Denys and Teresa and their professional instruction, integrity, and positive encouragement.  I was hesitant at first, wondering if I could participate “at my age”.  I really like the variety, the workouts are different every day, challenging but rewarding.  Boredom is definitely what kept me out of previous gym attempts.  I quickly began to see the results of my efforts and I really don’t like to miss class.  So guess what?!  I CAN participate “at my age.”  I feel like I have personal trainers, they are careful that each member is doing the movements properly to receive safe and optimal benefit and making adaptations if needed, treating each member as an individual.  My two main purposes for joining were to get in shape and stay injury free.  Denys and Teresa work together with me to make sure that happens in a motivating, positive workout environment!

-Shari N.




When I first walked through the door at DynaCore, I was intimidated and nervous.  I quickly learned I had no reason to be nervous or intimidated.  From the minute I tried my first push up I knew Denys and Teresa were in my corner.

Since January of 2012 I have changed from a person who exercised because I knew it was good to me, to a person who exercises because it is fun and it makes me feel better.  Not only have I lost weight, but I have gained muscle!  I can do things I was never able to do before.  I couldn’t go 3 feet the first time I tried the crabwalk…and I cried because it was so hard.  Denys was right there cheering me on every inch until I could go 5 ft. and then half the room.  Now I can make it the full length without stopping!  This makes me so proud!

These are just some of the reasons that my life is better because of DynaCore, there are so many more!  If you want results and you want to get healthy, you need Denys and Teresa in your corner too!

-Val G.




I have been going to DynaCore for 3 weeks now and I am already in love.  After taking my time and stopping all around Central Oregon it was obvious that DynaCore is the area’s best option for physical fitness.

DynaCore keeps it fresh so that your muscles get confused and you never get bored.  You get tons of one-on-one attention as they motivate you without pressure.  It is a wonderful and supportive community as they help transform you.

There is no one in Central Oregon who can give you as in depth and personal training as DynaCore. I wake up every morning excited to go and I am feeling energized and ready to go!  Try DynaCore!!

-Kate T.




















When I joined DynaCore on 4/18/12, tax season had just ended and I really didn’t know how and if this would work with my busy schedule at work.  Since I started working out with DynaCore, I have lost 36lbs, gained 13 years of life and have reduced my waist from 42” to 34”.  I now have much more energy and stamina as well.  My appearance is changing too. 


Last month while on vacation, my mother drove right past me because she didn’t recognize me!  My own mother didn’t know it was me!  She was stunned and amazed at how I looked.  I have also gotten many compliments from my clients as well.  It makes such a difference when you are getting personalized training from the Dynacore team of Denys and Teresa.  They are positive and always inspire you to succeed.  I now wrap my work-out schedule around my work schedule and never want to miss a class!  I recommend DynaCore highly and want to thank Denys and Teresa for all they have done and will be doing for me in the future!

-George W.




















DynaCore Fitness is without a doubt one of the best things that has ever happened to me!  I started the program when they opened their doors back in January 2012.  At the time I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life!  I knew I needed to lose weight and get back into shape.  To be totally honest I was scared!  Scared at how hard it would be and how sore I knew I’d be!  I was totally wrong.  Oh, it wasn’t easy, and I was definitely sore, but it was amazingly exhilarating!  I felt so incredibly challenged by everything I learned and the support from trainers Denys and Teresa was outstanding!  They told me I couldn’t fail but only succeed- how right they were! 


Little by little I could see my body changing right before my eyes and I felt amazing!  I now have so much energy and truly feel like there is nothing I can’t do!  Denys and Teresa are continually challenging me to go just a little further and when I do, they celebrate my successes right along with me!  I have been so inspired by this journey I have taken, that I have decided to further my education.  I am a Registered Nurse and am presently working toward becoming a certified fitness nurse so that I can help others reach their health and fitness goals.  I want everyone to experience what DynaCore has done for me. 


Thank you Denys and Teresa from the bottom of my heart.  You have not only made me healthier, you have given me the confidence to feel good about myself again!  DynaCore - You Rock!  (and I LOVE being 29 again)!

-Teri W.




I’ve been attending DynaCore for about 4 months. Over this time I’ve noticed myself getting stronger, and recovery time is a lot sooner. I appreciate how Denys and Teresa shows you exactly how to lift weights properly. Before I started taking these classes, I tore my meniscus and was told I would need surgery, but as I continue to do the right kind of exercises my other muscles have begun to get stronger and protect my knees.

-Patty S.




I joined DynaCore Fitness January 9, 2012 and my life completely changed! The chronic suffering from spasms and neck pain for over seven years diminished the first week. I have continually improved beyond my wildest dreams. Under the expert direction of Denys and Teresa, my quality of life is the best it has been in many, many years. I feel great, walk and hike without getting out of breath, my posture is terrific, sleeping is better than ever and my attitude is full of positivity and lots of sass!! Oh yes, some major side effects: I’ve lost lots of weight, gained muscle I’ve never had, the inches have melted away and clothes in my closet that were too small for me to wear…well, they’re TOO BIG! Love DynaCore Fitness! It will change your life for the better!

-Sheila M.




I joined DynaCore 2 months ago. I had been somewhat active at a conventional gym in the past, but never “loved” it. I always felt intimidated, and not exactly sure how to work out on my own, therefore it was always short term. It took me a long time to try DynaCore, after being recommended there by several people, and I knew I wanted to try it, but again, taking that first step not knowing what to expect was intimidating.


The first day I went, I was instantly comfortable by the way Denys & Teresa and the rest of the class were. Everyone was having fun, while working hard. After my evals, I was impressed at the time Denys took to talk to me about my health, my history, and what I wanted for myself. He took the time to learn about me and didn’t act like everyone who walks through the door comes from the same place or is motivated by the same things. To date, I attend class 4-5 days per week. I feel like it is now my routine and it is harder for me to miss class then to make the effort to be there.


I love the motivation in each class by the trainers and the group. I am pushed to do things I would never do on my own. It feels great to accomplish each class. I am seeing amazing changes in my body already and am so excited to keep pushing myself. I am setting goals I never would have imagined. That is a great feeling. Thank you DynaCore!!

-Miranda O.




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