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About DynaCore Fitness

Our Pledge: To help you set and achieve goals through professional training, nutrition management and lifestyle changes. 


We provide a fun and friendly atmosphere complemented with state of the art equipment for the entire family at affordable rates. You will receive support from trainers and fellow members to keep you moving forward towards success. Since opening in 2011, we have transformed numerous clients through our transformation challenges and fitness programs. If you are ready for a change or just want to get in better shape, stop in and take a tour of the facility! What sets DynaCore Fitness apart from the rest? Once your membership starts with us, we don’t forget about you!



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Zakk Campbell



At a young age I was always an active child and was surrounded by physical activity. So naturally I started playing every sport that could come to mind. Although I was very active I wasn’t the biggest, most lean, or even the most athletic kid growing up as I wasn’t crazy committed and just exercised for fun. That all began to change in the 7th grade when I was asked to start working out with the high school varsity baseball team, although I had never played baseball, the head coach wanted to see what I could do. I then got up at 4 am to workout with them for the next 2 years, while also playing sports.


Going into high school is where I found my love for the weight room as we started football workouts everyday during the summer. I remember seeing all the senior players in the weight room lift so much more weight than me, and in way better shape than me, and I told myself I was going to out work them. At this point I was about 110 lbs, 25% body fat and benched 90 lbs. By the end of that first year my strength had gone up significantly and I was now working out with the seniors lifting nearly the same weight as them. By the time I was a junior I wrote my first workout program and meal plan for myself and started training my first “client”, AKA my sister. By my senior year graduation I was 160 lbs, 10% body fat, and had a one rep max of 285 lbs on bench, was a varsity player in all the sports I played, while also giving my sister a crazy transformation of dropping 30-40lbs and lifting weights she never thought she could. It was then at that point that I knew this was something I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be able to take my knowledge in exercise and nutrition and use it to teach others so that they can live better healthier lives just as I had.


I became a personal trainer right out of high school, mainly just working with friends and family to begin with. As I got into college I started working with other students in Corvallis, then started coaching group fitness classes a year later. All while pursuing a degree at OSU in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Nutrition, where I have less than a year left. I am excited to be a part of the Dynacore Fitness team, and can’t wait to use my skills to take you to the next level and do everything I can to help you achieve your goals.


Derek Mann



Growing up I was always outside, I loved just about any sport or outside activity. Since as early as I can remember I was always competitive about every single thing that could be made into a competition; if it could be raced, lifted or thrown I was always trying to challenge someone . Although my family could never afford to put me into a sports league I was always playing soccer, baseball, or basketball somewhere. In the 6th grade I joined the basketball team and I remember practicing for hours and hours on end trying to become the best, but no matter how much I practiced I just wasn’t where I wanted to be. 

My very first day of high school one of my friends came up to me at lunch and told me he had signed me up for football and I had to be at practice. I quickly fell in love with football and with football came the weight room. Lifting weights made sense to me, you didn’t need to be tall or naturally talented to lift weights, as long as you had proper instruction and work ethic you could be the very best. I quickly became obsessed with the weight room, spending as much time there as I could. In one of my school weight classes sophomore year, we had a visitor come and tell us about nutrition and body types and I was very impressed with how much he knew. I decided to go to the gym that he owned, Dynacore Fitness, and I fell in love right away. I was greeted with a barking dog and someone who truly loved their job, right at that moment I knew I wanted to become a personal trainer.

 After working out at Dynacore for a few months I decided I didn’t want a normal high school fast food type of job so I dropped off my resume at Dynacore and was hired to keep the club clean and safe. After 2 years of Cleaning the club I was old enough to become a Personal Trainer and I spent many hours studying and reading to achieve my goal.  I have worked for many years to become a personal trainer and have never once questioned my passion for personal training or for Dynacore Fitness, I sincerely look forward to using my knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Jacob Spivey


Growing up I went through an ugly stage, like most kids do. The Justin Bieber hair, the big crooked teeth, and very chubby. As the first two went away due to braces and haircuts the one that stuck around and kept me in that stage of life was the weight. That all began to change on March 8th 2015. I weighed in at 198 while standing at a whopping 5’8” and could barely bench press 95 lbs. 8 months later I had lost 50 lbs, I felt great aside front the fact I was weak as a result of improper nutrition and exercise.


      I always played sports growing up, but due to a partially torn spinal erector and family issues I always quit after making the team. The one thing I never quit on was working out. Part of the reason was a friend of mine saying he wouldn’t bother working out with me because of I’d just quit on him in a month. That sticks with me and motivates me to continue to learn and perfect my craft everyday, whether it’s the training side of things or the nutritional aspect. Now I’m back at the weight I started out with but as a result of years of training. Instead of benching 95 lbs I’ve put myself in position to out bench numbers put up by NFL star running back Christian McCaffrey.


I became a personal trainer because I already found myself getting away from life’s problems by spending the majority of my time at the gym to begin with. Now I get to have a job doing what I love most, seeing people prolong their life and create a new happiness and confidence. I’m excited to be part of the Dynacore family and help you use all my past failures and hard work to get you to your goals faster and more efficient than ever imaginable.

Ever thought of hiring a personal trainer?  Are you the person who knows they need accountability?  Does the thought of going to the gym intimidate you?  Ever been in a gym, standing there wondering "What do I do? What machines should I use?"  We have your solution.  Our highly qualified certified personal trainers are here to guarantee your results.  Set up your FREE Consultation today!


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